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Raising a Concern

If any employee reasonably suspects or is told that an Adult at Risk is being, has been or is likely to be abused they must take action immediately by reporting their concern to their line manager and the Adult Safeguarding Contact Officer. This is called 'Alerting'. The Adult Safeguarding Contact Officer will then make a referral as appropriate.

To access the Adult Safeguarding Contact Officer details or information on how to report abuse click on the appropriate area below:

It is important that any concern or allegation of abuse is taken seriously and alerted, however insignificant it may seem. It is important to remember that there may be concerns that have been alerted by others that you may not be aware of and this can enable serious abuse or harm to be prevented from happening or from continuing at a much earlier stage

  • What to do if you are concerned:
    • If you see something happen or hear about something which could be Adult Abuse or if someone tells you that something has happened or is happening to them which could be abuse or could mean they are at risk of abuse do the following:
      • If any person is in immediate danger and/or needs urgent medical attention: Call the police and/or an ambulance. You should tell the Ambulance Service or Hospital that you suspect Adult Abuse;
      • Always consult your Line Manager and the Adult Safeguarding Contact Officer, unless your concerns are about the person you would usually pass the information to, in which case another Senior Manager should be contacted and the appropriate area's Whistle-Blowing Procedure should be used;
      • Keep a careful record of your concerns and the actions you have taken - see Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Guidance on Record Keeping;
      • What you should NOT do:  DO NOT discuss your concerns with anyone else; DO NOT start to investigate the situation; DO NOT confront the person you think is responsible for the abuse or destroy any evidence - see Do’s & Don’ts - reporting a safeguarding concern about an adult to Nottinghamshire’s Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub.