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Induction and Training of Employees and Volunteers

During their first week of employment, new starters that have been subject to a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, i.e. the post is on the list held by Human Resources should be briefed on the main features of this policy and procedure by their line manager, and given a copy of these procedures or the web link to them.


Individual agencies are responsible for ensuring that their employees and volunteers are competent and confident in carrying out their responsibilities for safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare. Employers should ensure that their employees are aware of how to recognise and respond to concerns, including signs of possible abuse.

Managers of employees in posts that are subject to DBS checks are responsible for ensuring that new employees attend, as a minimum, a child protection awareness training event provided by Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Children Partnership (NSCP).

The NSCP Training Programme is developed and managed through NSCP, employers also have a responsibility to identify adequate resources and support these training programme's by:

  • Providing employees who have the relevant expertise to support the NSCP Training Programme's by representing the agency at the Training Partnership and contributing to the development and delivery of inter agency training;
  • Allocating the time required to fully undertake the above roles and complete the required tasks;
  • Releasing employees to attend the appropriate inter-agency courses;
  • Ensuring employees receive relevant single agency training that enables them to maximise the learning derived from inter agency training and provide opportunities for them to consolidate their learning;
  • Contribute to the planning, resourcing, delivery and evaluation of training.